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There’s a crack in everything. 

That’s how the light gets in.

(Leonard Cohen, 1992).

Marriage & Relationship Counselling Sydney

Paula Polhill

Anxiety Specialist Sydney

Having experienced anxiety and panic attacks in her teens, Paula understands how anxiety can cripple your life and disconnect you from what and who matters. Paula Polhill is an experienced and skilled Psychologist, offering Anxiety Treatment in Sydney, Gladesville. Paula enjoys and specialises in treating individuals suffering anxiety and uses a range of current evidence-based treatments to create positive outcomes in a relatively short time. Paula has helped hundreds of Clients change their relationship with their anxiety rather than them continue to fight a futile daily battle which only leads to exhaustion and despair. Paula frequently witnesses the transformation that her Clients make, from debilitating anxiety, to a life of connection, meaning and vitality. If you’re sick of anxiety making your life miserable and small, then Call today to make an appointment and learn how YOU can drop the mental rope.


& Marriage Counselling Sydney

Paula Polhill is an experienced and skilled Psychologist, offering Marriage counselling and individual counselling in Sydney, Gladesville. Paula is a goal-focused therapist who facilitates positive changes in a couple’s relationships in as few as 4-6 sessions.

Paula has helped hundreds of couples reconnect after living with months/years of resent, dissatisfaction and poor communication. Regardless of what the contributing factors are, Paula helps couples learn some simple and powerful tools, that improve the couple’s communication and assertive skills; help couples understand what went wrong; help them see and validate each other’s perspective without justifying or getting defensive; improving emotional and physical intimacy (INTO-ME-SEE) and overall experience more feelings of trust, love and connection.

Paula is passionate about helping couples who feel stuck and miserable in their relationships. Call today for more information! After-hour appointments available.



“The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart” 

(Helen Keller)

“You know the truth by the way it feels” 


Marriage Counselling & Personal Counselling

As to why some of us seem to suffer more than others, will remain a mystery.

Our suffering usually manifests in depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship break-down, chronic-stress, sleep deprivation and substance abuse, to name a few. These struggles can be caused and compounded by biological, psychological, environmental and social factors. If left untreated or unresolved, we can remain STUCK or can be quickly dragged into a downward spiral of psychological distress. For couples, it could lead to relationship breakdown and sadly, divorce.


Couples Counselling Sydney

We can’t eliminate all of our suffering. There is no off-switch to our pain. And there is no magic pill. We can, however, minimise our suffering and create a sense of vitality and meaning by learning some simple and effective strategies to open up our lives and live in the present moment. If your thoughts, feelings and behaviours (or other’s) are controlling your life or your relationship feels like a daily struggle,  then get in touch today!


Common Issues


Acute Stress

Anger Management


Chronic Pain

Couple Issues


Grief / Loss

Infertility Issues

Low Self Esteem

Mood Disorders


Panic Attacks

Parenting Issues




Relationship Strain / Deterioration

Sleep Deprivation

Social Anxiety

Study Stress

Substance Abuse

Trauma / PTSD

Weight Loss

Work Stress


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