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Anxiety Treatment Sydney

Do you constantly worry about the future or feel on-edge? Is your world becoming increasingly small as you avoid and isolate? Does your mind keep you awake at night worrying about future tasks or potential threats (“what if’s).

Do you struggle with social skills and worry about what to say to people or what they’ll think of you? Complete this brief form to see how anxious you’re feeling. We all experience Worry and Anxiety when feeling stressed, under pressure or in unfamiliar social settings. However, once the stressor is gone, we usually return to our relaxed state.

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety Psychologist

Anxiety – Worry – Panic

If your feeling of anxiety is ongoing, getting worse, happening for no apparent reason and causing you to avoid people, then it’s likely that you’re in the grip of Anxiety. Anxiety doesn’t have to make your daily life miserable and small. Fortunately, Anxiety is easily treated with some simple and effective life-changing strategies.

Are you ready to stop anxiety controlling you? See Paula Polhill for effective treatment and positive outcomes. Watch this short video highlighting the effects of Anxiety and how we usually deal with it in ways that make it worse. 

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