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Anger Management Counselling

One of Paula’s most powerful tools includes the use of metaphor. Metaphors can help clients understand complex phenomenon, often through use of imagery or experiential exercises in session. One of Paula’s favourite metaphors that highlights our human suffering is:


Many people don’t know how to handle their strong emotions. Our wrong perceptions can make us angry or fill us with despair. To see clearly, we must calm down. When we’re overcome by strong emotions we’re like a tree in a storm, with its top branches and leaves swaying in the wind. But the trunk of the tree is solid, stable, and deeply rooted in the earth. When we’re caught in a storm of emotions, we can practice to be like the trunk of the tree. We don’t stay up in the high branches. We go down to the trunk and become still, not carried away by our thinking and emotions. We don’t say or do anything; we just focus all our attention on the rise and fall of our abdomen, our trunk. This protects us from speaking in anger and saying something we may regret. Thich Nhat Hanh

Psychologist Balmain

Psychological health and flexibility is crucial for us to experience a sense of vitality and meaning in our life and relationships. Paula Polhill is a skilled and passionate Psychologist near Balmain who prides herself in helping individuals suffering anxiety and couples who are struggling in their relationship. Paula helps couples identify where they’re getting stuck and provides simple and effective evidence-based cutting edge strategies to help clients reconnect to their life and their partners. Paula’s work is based on the following premise:

Underlying all human psychological suffering, are these three core processes:

  • We take the contents of our mind, literally. This includes learning expectations, rules and stories that we learn about ourselves, others and the world. We learn these “shoulds” from our family or origin, teachers, society and culture.
  • We avoid (try to eliminate and control) negative experiences (thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, memories) using unworkable coping strategies and behaviours (drinking, smoking, prescription medication, gambling, pornography, work, cleaning, online shopping, gaming, social media, list-making, over-planning, worrying, TV, overanalysing, reading, sleeping and so on). These behaviours may appear harmless, however, if used excessively or inappropriately, can lead to a life of dirty pain.
  • We avoid value-driven behaviours (doing WHAT matters with WHO matters most to us).

Marriage Counselling Balmain

Paula’s helps individuals and couples learn to break-free from their futile struggle with unwanted distressing experiences (thoughts, feelings and sensations) and quickly overcome ineffective behaviour patterns that prevent them from experiencing a meaningful and enjoyable life and relationship.

Counselling Balmain

If you’re looking for counselling near Balmain and feel as if you’re battling amongst the tree-tops, contact Paula to make an appointment today.

Currently, there is no waitlist for Marriage counselling and Paula can offer after-hour and Saturday appointments.

For an after-hours appointment, call Paula today on M: 0405 526 963

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