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Psychologist Drummoyne

Paula is a registered Psychologist with over 14 years experience working with individuals and couples in both private and public sectors. Paula is skilled at treating a broad range of common issues for Clients of all ages. Some of these issues include:

Anxiety, depression, trauma, sleep issues, obsessive compulsive behaviours, generalised anxiety, panic attacks, worry, substance dependence, low self esteem/confidence, anger management, workplace-stress/bullying, grief/loss, parenting issues, relationship strain, infertility issues, weight loss, life-change, chronic pain, procrastination and perfectionism.

One of Paula’s favourite therapy tools is called Acceptance & Commitment Therapy  (ACT – pronounced as a word, not initials).  ACT is a modern form of cognitive behaviour therapy that teaches specific, evidence-based skills that enables Clients to better manage distressing internal experiences (thoughts, feelings, sensations), whilst engaging in value- based goals. ACT’s main goal is to increase an individual’s psychological flexibility and resilience.

What is ACT and how is it different to CBT?

ACT is based on the following premise:
The single most remarkable thing about human existence, is how hard it is for humans to be happy (Hayes, Strosahl & Wilson, 1999).

In others words, ACT rejects the idea taught to us by society, that if we’re happy, then we’re healthy, and if we’re healthy, we’re normal. Instead, ACT asserts that most of our thought processes are negative and judgmental and that this is normal. Regardless of who we are, how rich or strong or healthy or connected we are, we all suffer. Human suffering is ubiquitous. Understanding the nature and function of the human mind is part of ACT’s work. The aim of ACT is to educate individuals about the futility of trying to control their negative experiences, in ways that cause more problems. Instead, ACT focuses on helping people change their relationship to their negative experiences, so that these recurring experiences lose their power and can no longer control the individual’s actions or continue to make their life small.

Anger Management Counselling

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), on the other hand, focuses on trying to control or change our negative experiences (thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, memories) through challenging thoughts and beliefs based on evidence and facts.

Counselling Drummoyne

If you feel like you’re being controlled by your negative thoughts and experiences and want to learn more about how to rob them of their power, then contact Paula for more information. Your life could change by making just one phone call.

Marriage Counselling Drummoyne

Another of Paula’s therapy passions, is transforming couple’s lives from one of conflict and disconnection to one of re-ignited love, understanding and connection. Don’t wait for your relationship to deteriorate beyond repair. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Make a change. Take a chance. After-hour and Saturday appointment available.

For an after-hours appointment, call Paula today on M: 0405 526 963

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