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Paula Polhill is a highly qualified and experienced Psychologist practising near Rozelle, in Sydney’s Inner West.

Paula offers a safe and confidential space for Clients to explore their issues with warm guidance, support and without judgment.

Paula has a special interest in treating individuals with anxiety issues and Marriage Counselling.

Anxiety Treatment – Rozelle

Paula has had over 14 years experience in treating clients suffering from anxiety. Paula has witnessed hundreds of Clients transform their life from psychological distress, avoidance and despair to a life filled with meaning, vitality and personal growth. If you’re suffering from anxiety, the great news is that you can learn some simple and powerful strategies to override your brain’s error-detection system and stop anxiety controlling you and your life.

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Are you a Master or A Slave of Your Mind?

Our brain is designed to protect us and keep us alive. Simple. It is not concerned with stopping to smell the roses and pursuing our dreams. Our brain has a very sensitive error detection system (the flight-flight-freeze response) that perceives anything that is out-of-the-ordinary, uncertain, challenging or scary, as a threat to our very survival. If you’re thinking of starting a new business or studying for the first time, then I bet your brain (if it hasn’t already) will stop you in your tracks. It will make you hesitate and over-analyse the risks involved and avoid making choices and taking action.

It will make you feel discomfort as you ruminate about the past (“If onlys…”), the future (“what ifs…”) and be pulled into a boundless head-space of trying to understand why? All minds do this. It makes us feel as if we’re actually doing something to solve the problem. Alas, it is an illusion. Instead, we become stuck on the road of insanity, like a kid trying to shovel his way out of a sandpit.

Our error detection system is working against us when it comes to non-life threatening events. It snuffs out creative ideas and stops us from taking risks necessary for personal growth.

We are only motivated to do things that are comfortable. So, if you’re waiting to feel motivation and courage to make you feel comfortable before taking action, then don’t. Instead, learn tools to override your brain’s error detection system. We need to make the extraordinary ordinary.

If you want to learn how to do this, then call Paula today for an appointment.

Marriage Counselling Rozelle

Learning how to override our brain’s error detection system is also a very important in maintaining a healthy connection in relationships. Without this skill, couples often get stuck in a power struggle, communicating in passive/aggressive ways causing a downward spiral of conflict. In time, unresolved issues develop into resent and contempt towards each another, ultimately leading to separation and/or divorce.

Want to know more? Contact Paula today!

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