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Paula is a passionate and skilled Psychologist, Marriage Counsellor and ACT Therapist in Gladesville with over 14 years experience. Paula specialises in a range of Psychological Services, to treat a broad range of issues, such as; anxiety, depression, stress, anger management, relationship issues, sleep deprivation, perfectionism, work-related stress and much more. Paula has a special interest in treating anxiety issues and working with couples to re-ignite their relationship. Paula is an outcome-focused Psychologist who facilitates positive outcomes in a short amount of time for both individuals and couples.

Psychological Services


We can all feel low at times. Generally, we have the resilience to deal with life’s curve-balls by bouncing back to our usual happy self. However, if you’ve been feeling low for more than a couple of weeks, months or years; if you’ve been socially isolating, experiencing changes in sleep, appetite and motivation, then you may be experiencing a form of Depression. Left untreated, Depression can seriously affect your physical and mental health. Fortunately, Depression can be effectively treated and managed with some simple and effective tools.

Psychological Services

Anxiety / Worry / Panic

Do you constantly worry about the future or feel on-edge? Is your world becoming increasingly small as you avoid and isolate? Does your mind keep you awake at night worrying about future tasks or potential threats (“what if’s). Do you struggle with social skills and worry about what to say to people or what they’ll think of you? We all experience Worry and Anxiety when feeling stressed, under pressure or in unfamiliar social settings. However, once the stressor is gone, we usually return to our relaxed state. If your feeling of anxiety is ongoing, getting worse, happening for no apparent reason and causing you to avoid people, then it’s likely that you’re in the grip of Anxiety. Anxiety doesn’t have to make your daily life miserable and small. Fortunately, Anxiety is easily treated with some simple and effective life-changing strategies. Are you ready to stop anxiety controlling you?

Psychological Services

Anger Management

Anger can be a healthy emotion prompting us to assert our needs and personal boundaries. However, like any emotion, if left unchecked, it can build up and leak out sidewards via sarcasim and passive-aggressive behaviours. Do you constantly feel frustrated, agitated and lash out at family, friends or colleagues? Do you have a tendency for rigid (black ‘n’ white) thinking and have high expectations of yourself and others? Do you feel consumed with guilt and regret your actions after you’ve lost control? Anger issues are common and can be easily addressed. Anger is not an event but a process. Anger issues can be effectively treated with some simple and effective strategies.

Psychological Services

Stress Management

We all experience stress. Stress can be adaptive, motivate action and help us achieve what we want and need. Chronic stress, however, can push us over the line into anxiety, a loss of work-life balance and cause other parts of our life to become deprived. Relentless stress can lead to developing unhealthy coping strategies, damage important relationships and disconnect us from what and who truly matters. Are you ready to learn simple tools to better manage your stress?

Psychological Services


Suffering comes in many forms and can make our life miserable and small. Other issues that impact our quality of life include: Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Life crises in general, work-related stress, bullying, adjusting to retirement, perfectionism, procrastination, study-stress, chronic pain, infertility issues, grief and loss, addiction, low self esteem/confidence, weight issues and sleep deprivation. All of these issues can lead to psychological distress and lead us into a downward spiral unless treated. Fortunately, all of these issues can be effectively treated by learning and applying some simple and effective life-changing strategies. Are you ready to take the first step?

Psychological Services

Couple Counselling

Have you and your partner become disconnected, stopped communicating and shut-down? Are you regularly snapping at each other and arguing? Do one or both of you feel betrayed around past events and are struggling to let go of the past and move forward? Are you trying to recover from an emotional/physical affair without professional help? Are you disagreeing about parenting? Are you struggling with blended family issues and dysfunctional family dynamics? If yes, then take action before the distance and dysfunction becomes entrenched and dissatisfaction, conflict and loneliness defines your relationship. Couples can experience a dramatic shift and increased connection in as little as four counselling sessions. Are you willing to do what it takes to save and strengthen your relationship?

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